Why is the Internet Down? A Guide for When You Can’t Connect.

Why is the Internet Down?

There is no question that access to the Internet has become essential to most Canadians. When the internet isn’t working as expected, it can be a major source of frustration and can impact your ability to work and communicate with family and friends. If you’ve ever tried to view a webpage, send an email, or stream your favourite show without success you might have wondered, is the internet down?

At POYNT360, we understand that when your internet is down, you’ll want to have it back as soon as possible. In this post, we offer some insight into the question: why is the internet down? Use this post to help you determine why your internet might be down and discover how you can get a better high-speed internet experience.

Why Might the Internet Be Down?

There are a few common reasons why your internet could be down. In most cases, your internet being down is an issue with your own equipment, and simply restarting your internet router can resolve your concerns. In other cases, your poor internet connection can be a result of not having adequate internet speed for your needs or even widespread network issues and poor weather conditions.

It may be a good idea to call your internet service provider if you are having regular issues with your internet connection. For more information on why your internet might not be working as expected, see our posts, Will Using Multiple Devices Slow Down My Internet Speed?, and Try These Tricks for a More Stable Wi-Fi Connection.

What to Do When Your Internet Isn’t Working

When your internet isn’t working, there may be a chance that you can resolve the issue on your own at home. It is often a good idea to unplug your internet router to allow it to reset. Often, simply restarting your internet router will do the trick. However, if you are having persistent problems with your internet connection, reaching out to your internet service provider is a good idea.

Which Internet Provider is the Most Reliable?

Is Bell internet down? Is Rogers internet down? Is Cogeco internet down? Is TekSavvy internet down? Are you tired of searching for the source of your internet connectivity issues? Though there may be times when an internet outage is beyond the control of your provider, you deserve to have a high-speed internet provider that consistently provides you with the services you pay for.

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