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Stay Connected at home

Why choose POYNT360 Home Phone?

At POYNT360 we have straightforward home phone plans to make having a home phone easy and affordable. For unlimited Canada calls within Canada, caller ID, call waiting and voicemail, take advantage of our Canada home phone plan. Make regular calls to the USA too? Consider our Canada & US home phone plan. It has all the benefits of our Canada plan with the bonus of unlimited calls to the USA. Don’t worry about having to change your old number either, you can take advantage of our convenient options all while keeping your current phone number.

We also offer competitive international long-distance calling rates. No matter when you need to call, you can be assured that you can do it simply and affordable with POYNT360.

Peace of mind for the whole family

With POYNT 360 Home Phone, you make and receive calls exactly the same way you did with your old home phone provider, but now you get even more Features for a better price.

One convenient household number

Keep the same number you have had for years with POYNT 360 Home Phone, and enjoy a feature filled product for the entire family

Keep in touch with your overseas family

Stay connected with your family overseas, and keep the costs down per minute.

Plans & Pricing


Canada & US with Unlimited

  • Unlimited Calls Within North America
  • Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail
  • Move Your Existing Phone Number

Better Bundles

If you already know you need a home phone, why not bundle your other home services for even more savings and convenience. Check out our Triple Play Bundle for the best value on Shaw Direct Satellite TV and high-speed internet. Keep connected with the better bundle for your home, try out POYNT360 today.

International Calling Rates

We know that our customers want the best international long-distance calling rates. And at POYNT360, that’s exactly what we give you. Our home phone packages offer our customers the benefit of reliable and affordable packages while also making international calling easy. Our rates are competitive and won’t leave you feeling like you need to cut your contact with loved ones short.

Talk unlimited across Canada with Home Phone from POYNT360

Home Phone With POYNT360

Staying connected is important, and there’s no better way to stay in touch than with a phone call. If you prefer to have a home phone for both safety and convenience, it’s important to find a home phone landline provider that suits your budget and usage needs. At POYNT360 we make calling your loved ones easy and affordable.

What makes POYNT360 one of the best home phone providers in Ontario? We go above and beyond to make calling your loved ones simple. With straightforward and affordable plans, we beat out the other home phone companies. Need other home services too? Don’t worry, we’ve also got all of your high-speed internet and satellite TV needs covered too!

How It Works

Make calls using your high-speed internet connection and your existing home phone.

With Home Phone from POYNT360, you make and receive calls exactly the same way you did with your old home phone plan provider, but now you get even more for a great price.

VOIP Phone frequently asked questions

Can I keep my existing home phone number?

Yes, we can port your number over to Poynt360 from any Canadian company.

Can transfer my cell phone number to Poynt360 home phone?

Yes. We will just need a copy of your current cell phone bill to complete the transfer.

Can I call overseas with Poynt360 home phone?

Yes. You will be charged per minute and added to the next monthly bill. You can see the per minute rates here.

Will the phone continue to work in case of a power outage or internet outage?

VOIP phone services require power and internet to operate.

Why Should I Get a Home Phone?

Having a home phone is a good idea for anyone. They offer additional safety and convenience to anyone who wishes to have a dedicated phone line for safety or for those who wish to filter out unwanted calls. Though they may feel like a thing of the past to some, home phones can be very useful to those who live alone or want a straightforward option.

Can I Bundle Home Phone with Satellite TV?

Bundling your home phone, satellite TV and high-speed internet is a great way to save money while getting the services you need. See our satellite TV bundles to learn more about how our bundle options can work best for you.

Can I Call Anywhere in the World?

If you need to call internationally, you can find great international calling rates with POYNT360. You can expect to call anywhere you need to when choosing POTNT360.

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