Try These Tricks for a More Stable Wi-Fi Connection

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow or laggy internet connection when you are wanting to stream your favourite show, get to work, or snatch up the most sought-after concert tickets. Having reliable and stable high-speed internet is a necessity for many Canadians, yet knowing how to get a more stable internet connection isn’t always straightforward.

At POYNT360, we are the high-speed internet provider Ontario residents depend on when looking for high-quality internet at great prices. We are dedicated to helping you have a great high-speed internet experience with competitive high-speed internet packages paired with exceptional customer service. In this post, we offer tips for achieving a more stable Wi-Fi connection in your home. Let us help you get the high-speed internet experience you deserve.

Tips for Improving High Speed Internet Stability

Reduce the chance of your internet disconnecting and improve your day-to-day internet experience by trying the following tips for improving internet stability. Need additional support? Connect with the experts at POYNT360 and let us make your high-speed internet experience better.

Optimize Router Placement – when it comes to high-speed internet, router placement is one of the top things you’ll want to consider. Though it might seem like a smart move to keep your router tucked away in a home office or spare room, you’re going to want to ensure the router is placed in a central location.

Though router placement is one factor in your overall internet experience, you’ll want to know what other things may be impacting speed and stability. See our post, What’s Slowing Down My Internet Speed, for more troubleshooting support.

Keep Router Area Free of Clutter – once you’ve found a good location for your Wi-Fi router, be sure to keep the area free from excess clutter. Too much stuff directly surrounding your router can impact its functionality. Be sure to pick a location for your router that won’t easily become cluttered.

Utilize Wi-Fi Boosters – for larger households, the use of Wi-Fi boosting devices can be helpful for achieving a more stable internet connection. If you are finding that one or more areas of your home are difficult to get a connection in, devices to boost your Wi-Fi can help. Consider trying out this option if you have a large home and require stable internet in every room.

Ensure Your Wi-Fi Speed Is Fast Enough – for some, the stability of their internet isn’t the primary concern but instead, speed is the issue. If you are finding that your high-speed internet is anything but fast, upgrading to a faster high-speed internet package can fix your concerns. In our post, Is 150 Mbps a Good Internet Speed, we help you determine what internet speed could be best suited to your households needs.

Having a great high-speed internet experience doesn’t have to be difficult. Find a high-speed internet plan that suits the needs of your household at a price that’s easy on your budget too. Contact a member of our team today and see why POYNT360 is the internet service provider you can count on for the best high-speed internet in Ontario.