Accessibility Feedback and Plan

Accessibility Plan 2023 – 2026 June 1 2023 Poynt360 Inc.

Executive Summary

Poynt360 and its operations as of June 1, 2023, are reflected in our 2023-2025 Accessibility Plan. Our accessibility team assisted us in gathering feedback and developing our plan. This plan was developed by consultation and listening to our customers, staff, and groups representing people with disabilities. We observed from our discussions that some customers have challenges at Poynt360 physical location, online, and while dealing with us. We also discovered that there are chances to enhance how and how quickly we provide accommodation to employees with impairments.

Our strategy describes the hurdles identified through consultations, the steps we will take to resolve them, and how we will avoid additional potential barriers over the next three years. It also incorporates some of the previous accessibility efforts on which we have been working.

We will examine our plan on an annual basis and provide a status report. We will offer an updated plan that builds on our progress every three years. We recognize that making employee and customer experiences more accessible is a process that will last well beyond 2025.

This Accessibility Plan represents Poynt360 expectations as of the date this plan was released and may be subject to revision, in compliance with relevant law, to reflect the increasing accessibility needs of Poynt360 workers and customers.

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