What is FTTN Internet?

At POYNT360 we believe in bringing our customers fast and reliable internet service at affordable prices. We offer a variety of internet service options to suit any budget. One of the most popular forms of internet that our customers choose is FTTN internet. But what is FTTN internet connection?

What is FTTN Internet

What does FTTN mean?

FTTN is short for Fiber to the Node or Neighborhood. You may have heard about fiber optic internet when researching different types of internet service. FTTN is simply the way in which the internet is delivered to your home.

Fiber optic legs are made from glass and are how an internet signal is transported. Fiber optic glass provides more efficient internet service than typical internet technology of copper wires. But what does FTTN mean for your internet?

Compare Fiber Optic Legs

FTTN – this type of internet service delivers internet to customers within a certain geographical distance, often the size of a neighbourhood. The internet service is sent to a hub and is then sent to the customer through DSL or cable technology.

FTTC – or fiber to the curb, closes a bit of the gap between FTTN. There is less distance between the home of the customer and the “curb” which is typically a closet such as the green boxes you may see on a residential street. The curb itself is not an actual street curb in front of the customers home.

FTTH – or fiber to the home is exactly what it sounds like. The glass fiber that carries the internet service arrives directly to the customers. This form of internet is often built into new homes and is less common in older or previously developed areas.

Why Choose FTTN Internet?

The best reason to choose FTTN internet is that it is fast and reliable. Though there will be variances between what is offered in your location fiber optic internet is a great choice. If you are someone who wants to stream or participate in online gaming then FTTN is likely a good choice for you.

Though it may seem that FTTH sounds like the best option it is not always available. It is true that FTTH will give you the best performance you should not discount that FTTN technology is both fast and reliable. You will likely be very satisfied with the reliability of an FTTN internet connection and will be able to rely on it.

Get the Right Package

Knowing what type of internet is right for your home or business can be confusing. At POYNT360 we offer a variety of different home internet options that will allow you to make a smart choice for your internet usage.

Talk to a qualified professional to get an opinion on what type of internet will be best for you. Depending on your usage you may be able to get into a cheaper package without loosing speed or efficiency. At POYNT360 we value our customers and strive to provide you with the best internet for the best price.