What is FTTN internet vs Cable

ftts vs cable
When you are researching the various internet service option available to you, you will likely come across the terms FTTN and Cable. Both types of internet options have pros and cons. Though the two options are different they both can be a good choice for your home. To know what the best choice for your home it is important to know the differences. This article will detail what FTTN internet and cable internet are in order to help you make the right choice for your needs.

What is FTTN Internet?

The acronym FTTN is short for Fiber to the Node or Neighborhood. Though this may sound confusing FTTN is simply the method of which internet service can be delivered to your home. FTTN internet is fiber optic internet. This means that the internet signal is transported to you through fiber optic legs made from glass.

Fiber optic internet is more efficient that traditional forms of internet delivery technology such as copper wires. In our previous article “What is FTTN Internet” we identified various forms of fiber optic legs and compared their deliver systems.

FTTN internet is fast and reliable and is a great choice for many internet customers. If you are interested in steaming or gaming then fiber optic internet is likely a great choice. FTTN internet may not be available in every area but you may instead be able to utilize a different fiber optic leg option. You can check out our High Speed Internet In Ontario Coverage section to see if you are covered for FTTN internet.

What is Cable Internet?

If you are familiar with cable television, then you likely already have a good understanding of cable internet. Just like cable television, cable internet uses the same copper wire technology to send an internet signal from your service provider to you home.

With cable internet the speed of your internet will likely vary due to your location as cable internet speed relies on bandwidth. There are many factors that can affect bandwidth including your personal internet package, your neighborhood internet usage and your own personal data usage.

Cable internet is a good option for many people, and it is often easy to add a cable internet subscription to existing cable television packages. Because provides are able to bundles services cable internet is often a cost-effective option while still providing great service.

Which Type Is Right for Me?

Now that you understand the difference between FTTN and Cable internet you might still be wondering, which one is right for me? There is no quick and easy answer to this question as that will depend on a few factors. You will need to consider the available bandwidth; your personal internet needs as well as the availability of the internet service type for your area.

If you are a frequent gamer or streamer you will of course need a fast internet connection. If you don’t need the fastest internet than a simple more affordable package may be a perfect fit for you. Your internet usage needs will have a lot to do with which option is best for you.

At POYNT360 we are committed to finding you the best internet option for your usage and budgetary needs. By speaking with one of our customer service professionals we will be best able to help you find the right fit and get you the fast and reliable internet service you desire.