What is a Good Internet Speed for Gaming?


Do you are your children love playing games online? Whether you are playing games on a tablet, desktop computer, or gaming system, having adequate internet speed can make your gaming experience more enjoyable. However, knowing what is good internet speed for gaming can be hard to determine, especially if you aren’t the person using the internet to play.

At POYNT360, we are the high speed internet provider you can depend on when it comes to offering flexibility and value for your home internet services. We understand that you don’t want to overpay for services you aren’t using and also need fast enough internet to do everything you’d like to online. Our customers often as us, how fast does my internet need to be for gaming? The answer will depend on your unique personal needs. In this post, we help you understand what internet speed might be best when looking to make online gaming seamless.

How Fast Should My Internet Be?

When looking to answer the question, how much internet speed do I need for gaming, you’ll first want to consider the type of gaming you’ll want to do. Next, you’ll need to determine if a bit of lagging is going to be something that will bother you or not. Most high-speed internet plans will offer enough speed to play simple online games on a tablet or mobile device. A good starting point for basic gaming is 25 Mbps download speed, as this should allow for most games to run smoothly enough. However, if you are serious about gaming and play online often, you’ll want to upgrade to a faster internet speed option. For the fastest internet connections for serious gamers, look for plans that offer 1024 Mbps download, but remember that this won’t be necessary for every household.

Not sure how to choose a high-speed internet plan? Connect with POYNT360. As your high-speed internet provider, we offer a variety of plan options and can help you determine which is suited best for both your needs and budget.

How Much Does Internet for Gaming Cost?

Now that you can answer the question, what internet speed do I need for gaming? Finding a plan that is right for you is the next step. High-speed internet can be affordable though knowing which plan is best for you depends on your budget, usage needs, and current internet infrastructure. FTTN and cable internet options are available to most households. Our post, What is FTTN internet vs Cable, can help you to understand which options are available in your area.

In our post, How Much Does Internet Cost Per Month in Canada, we discuss the average costs of high-speed internet across the country. Though many Canadians pay upwards of $100/month for internet, more affordable plans exist. At POYNT360, FTTN high speed internet packages can start at $64.95/month, whereas cable internet starts at $55.95/month. Either plan may be adequate for your internet usage needs though faster speeds may be ideal for those who stream or game more frequently.

How Can I Save Money on High-Speed Internet?

Finding a high-speed internet provider that can help you determine how fast does your internet need to be for gaming is your first step towards saving on high-speed internet. Not everyone needs the fastest plan available, and having an understanding of exactly what you are looking for can go a long way.

Beyond offering flexibility in plan options, the experts at POYNT360 have promotional offerings to help you save on all of your home telecommunications services. Our Double Play and Triple Play bundles and promotions help you save more by combining your services, such as satellite TV and home phone. We are dedicated to helping you find a high-speed internet package that suits both you budget and usage needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your high-speed internet subscription better.