Is 150 Mbps a Good Internet Speed? How to Choose an Internet Speed for Your Home

If you are looking into switching high-speed internet providers, you may have questions about what you currently have, and how it relates to what you actually need. When looking at any internet plan, you’ll likely see speed being the primary factor that influences the price of your package. But what is the average internet speed in Canada, and how can you know how much speed you actually need for your personal and household needs?

At POYNT360, we are the high-speed internet provider Ontario residents turn to when looking for reliable high-speed internet at competitive price points. We understand that it can be tricky to know what speed of internet is needed for your home’s use. Is 150 Mbps fast internet, or is 40 Mbps a good internet speed? We’re here to help you make sense of internet speeds and help you find a high-speed internet package that suits both your budget and usage needs.

What’s a Good Internet Speed in Canada?

When considering a new high-speed internet package, many customers wonder what is considered high-speed internet in Canada to help them make the best choice. To determine what most people need, it could be helpful to learn what is the average internet speed in Canada. The average download speed for Canadians is 175.61 Mbps, but this could be more or less than what you need.

If you’re looking at a 150 Mbps plan, you’re likely wondering, is 150 Mbps internet good? Though 150 Mbps might be less than the average in Canada, you can feel assured that it is quite fast. 150 Mbps should offer adequate speed for streaming, gaming, and everyday usage for multiple users in a home.

If you need the fastest internet speeds, you may want to know, is 300 Mbps fast internet or is 1 GB internet speed good? Most people won’t need 300 Mbps, let alone 1 GB. However, if you stream regularly, need uninterrupted gaming capabilities, or are simply a heavy internet user, either could be ideal. For some, this may be more speed than is necessary, though it can offer exceptional speed for those who want truly fast internet.

For someone who uses the internet infrequently, or doesn’t stream, you may be wondering, is 100 Mbps internet good, is 72 Mbps a good internet speed, or even how good is 10 Mbps internet? Both 100 and 72 Mbps are considered fast internet, and you may even be surprised to hear that 10 Mbps is adequate too. Is 10 Mbps fast internet? Well, it’s not considered slow. In fact, this is a fairly average speed for household use and could be ideal depending on your needs.

It’s also important to consider that not all areas in Canada have reliable access to high-speed internet. For more information on obtaining high-speed internet in rural and remote areas, see our post, How to Get Internet in Remote Areas.

What Will High-Speed Internet Cost?

Beyond your usage needs, you’ll want to be sure that your high-speed internet package is affordable. So, how much is 15 Mbps of internet compared to faster internet packages? At POYNT360, we offer packages designed to suit your needs and budget perfectly. Our FTTN 15 package offers 15 Mbps download speed for under $65/month, while the faster FTTN 50 package brings you 50 Mbps download speed for under $75/month. Exceptional value for high-speed internet can be found in Canada, be sure to find a provider that offers you more value for your high-speed internet needs.

Finding a high-speed internet provider doesn’t have to be complicated. Connect with the experts at POYNT360 and let us help you find a high-speed internet solution that offers you the speeds you need without the hefty price tag. See our bundles and promotions to gain access to the best savings on your telecommunications needs.