How to Get Internet in Remote Areas

Access to the internet is something you might take for granted if you live in an urban area with Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere you turn. But for those who live, work, and play in rural areas, staying connected can often feel like a struggle. Knowing how to get internet in remote areas is something you’ll want to consider before moving out of a city. However, not all rural areas are as limited as others when it comes to internet access.

At POYNT360, we are proud to be an internet service provider in Ontario that services areas that are more rural such as the Chatham, Sarnia, and Windsor areas. We understand that having access to high-speed internet is important to you. We also know that finding providers in rural areas can be a headache. In this post, we help you understand how to get internet in remote areas and point you in a direction that will be best suited to your personal needs.

What Types of Internet Are Available in Ontario?

You may not have ever given much thought to the type of internet you are using. In fact, you might not have even known that different methods of connecting to the internet exist! There’s more to high-speed internet than the rate of speed itself, and in Ontario, the most common internet types include FTTN, Cable, and Satellite internet. Though all will allow you to connect to the internet, not all types are available everywhere. Cellular internet is another option that may provide access to the internet in remote and rural areas, especially if the need for internet is only for a short period of time.

Depending on where you live, you may have access to both cable and FTTN options or may have only one of these available options. In other areas, such as in rural and remote areas, only satellite internet could be available to you. If you aren’t sure if you can access FTTN or cable high-speed internet, reaching out to a high-speed internet provider is a good idea. They can help you to understand what infrastructure is available in your area.

Have access to both FTTN and cable internet but aren’t sure which option to choose? Our post, What is FTTN Internet vs Cable outlines the differences between these types of high-speed internet and offers some insight into knowing which option may be best for your home internet needs.

Is Satellite Internet Expensive?

If you live in a remote or rural area, you may be concerned that the cost of the internet will be too high to afford. Now, more than ever, access to the internet is considered to be essential, and networks are always expanding to offer more internet coverage for service areas. This means that accessing affordable internet has been easier than ever.

Cable and FTTN technology has been making its way across the province, and you may be surprised to learn it is in, or is coming, to your area soon. Satellite internet services have been known to be more expensive than other options, which has been frustrating to those who rely on satellite internet as their only option for service. Our post, How Much Does Internet Cost Per Month in Canada, outlines what you can expect in regards to internet prices.

If available in your areas, look to POYNT360 for affordable high-speed internet packages and satellite TV bundles. Our ever-expanding network provides you with access to high-speed internet that suits both your budget and internet usage needs. Getting internet in remote areas doesn’t have to be complex when you chose POYNT360.