Could a Wi-Fi-Extender Solve Your Connectivity Woes?

Could a Wi-Fi-Extender Solve Your Connectivity Woes?

Though most Wi-Fi routers will allow you to enjoy WiFi throughout your home, and in some cases, even in your yard, some may find that their Wi-Fi doesn’t reach as far as they’d like it to. If your WiFi connection is not reaching all areas of your home, you might wonder if WiFi extenders could help to solve the problem.

At POYNT360, we are the high-speed internet provider Ontario residents turn to when looking for a better customer experience. We know that reliable and strong connectivity is important to you, that’s why we are here to answer your most pressing questions about Wi-Fi extenders. Let us help you learn how to connect Wi-Fi extender to router for a better, and further reaching internet connection.

Do WiFi Extenders Work?

If you have a large home, or want to be able to use your Wi-Fi throughout your property, you might want to know, do Wi-Fi extenders work? Though they aren’t always a perfect solution, Wi-Fi extenders can help you to have more reliable coverage where you need it most. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi extenders can slow down your internet connection so you’ll want to be sure you have adequate internet speeds when you utilize a Wi-Fi extender.

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How to Connect a Wi-Fi Extender to a Router

Are you looking to use a Wi-Fi extender but want to know how do you connect Wi-Fi extender to router? The process is simple, however, you’ll need to keep in mind that each extender type may have differing directions for setup. Always refer to the user manual of your Wi-Fi extender to ensure that you have set it up properly.

In general, when looking into how to connect Wi-Fi range extender to router, you’ll need to download the app associated with the router, wirelessly connect the extender to your router, and then follow any further setup directions. Wi-Fi extenders that do not come with an app should have detailed instructions on how to connect the extender to your internet.

Can I Use a Router as a Wi-Fi Extender?

If you have an old router lying around you might wonder, can I use a router as a Wi-Fi extender? With a little know-how, you absolutely can. Keep in mind that when using an old router to extend your Wi-Fi, you’ll need to wire it into your current router with cables. Depending on where you need to obtain a signal, this may or may not be a suitable fix for your connection concerns.

What Can I Do If I Have a Poor Internet Connection?

If you are having issues with getting internet to all the rooms in your home, speaking with your internet service provider is a good first step. Sometimes you may need to upgrade your hardware, while in other cases, a package upgrade may be suggested.

At POYNT360, we will work with you to find a solution that suits both your budget and internet access needs. Contact a member of our team today or view our bundles and promotions to see how we can improve your high-speed internet experience.