What is the Best Coaxial Cable for Satellite TV?

Are you looking to have satellite TV installed in your home? Satellite TV is a great option for anyone who desires the best that TV programming has to offer without the high costs sometimes associated with local cable subscriptions. Though, in most cases, satellite TV providers will take care of every aspect of the installation process, some subscribers like to have a little more knowledge about their satellite TV including how to get the best reception.

When it comes to getting great satellite TV reception, your coaxial cable is an important aspect. If you have a poor-quality coaxial cable it may result in poor satellite TV reception. At POYNT360, we always provide our customers with excellent equipment and expert installation, not all companies may do the same. If you are having poor reception issues a coaxial cable could be the culprit. In this article we will help you to understand what a coaxial cable is as well as what is the best cable for satellite TV.

What Is a Coaxial Cable?

A coaxial cable is a type of electrical cable that allows for the transmission of radiofrequency from one point to the other. In the context of satellite TV, the coaxial cable is responsible for carrying the data from your satellite into the receiver from the dish. This is a crucial piece of hardware that makes your TV viewing possible. If you do not have a properly functioning coaxial cable your satellite TV dish will simply not be able to transmit your TV programming to the receiver. For this reason, the coaxial cable should be checked for integrity when you are experiencing an unexpected loss of satellite TV reception.

Which Coaxial Cable is Best for Satellite TV?

There are many different coaxial cable sizes and the type of cable you will need for your satellite TV will be dependent on the dish and receiver you own. In most cases a RG-6 coaxial cable will be the suitable cable for your needs. For HDTV a RG-11 coaxial cable may be more appropriate.

You should expect that your satellite TV technician is prepared to install your satellite TV dish and receiver with the appropriate coaxial cable. If you are considering upgrading your coaxial cable for any reason it is important to note that not all coaxial cables are the same. Some are more suitable for internet connection while others are ideal for CCTV cameras and other video usage. Always ensure that you are purchasing the correct coaxial cable for your satellite TV receiver.

When in doubt, it is always a good idea to contact your satellite TV service provider. A good service provider will be able to send a technician to address your concerns about your satellite TV reception. They will have the best information about your specific system and can provide you with a solution that works for you. Some satellite TV providers may not allow you to change out cables and you should not necessarily jump to a DIY option to address your concerns.

Can I Split a Coaxial Cable?

If you require satellite TV in multiple rooms in your home, you’ll want to ensure that you have a coaxial splitter installed to accommodate this need. Coaxial cable splitters allow the cable that connects to your dish to transmit data to more than one device in a home. Your satellite TV provider should be able to set you up with the appropriate equipment needed to watch TV in multiple rooms in your home across different devices. Always look for a service provider that offers you options when it comes to how many receivers you can have in a home.

How Can I Spot a Great Satellite TV Service Provider?

If you are looking to find a satellite TV provider that helps to ensure you have great reception, always ensure that your provider goes above and beyond with customer service. Look for a provider that offers free installation services and has options for having more than one receiver in the home. A provider that offers free equipment rentals, such as POYNT360, can be a great option as this means that experienced technicians will install your equipment using the right cables to ensure you get great reception.

How Else Can I Improve My Satellite TV Reception?

There are many factors that may affect the reception of your satellite TV. Though most of the time you should expect to watch TV without interruption, extreme weather or debris blocking a signal can impact your experience. In our previous article How to Boost Your Satellite TV Signal, we provide our top tips on getting the best experience with your satellite TV.

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