What Channels are on Satellite TV?

One of the most important reasons for choosing satellite TV is that it provides you access to extensive channel selections. There is a seemingly endless choice available when searching for the perfect TV programming to keep you occupied. For many the more channels the better, while others find they only need a few select channels to meet their TV viewing needs.

When you are looking for the perfect satellite TV package for your needs you might be wondering, what channels are on satellite TV? In recent years satellite TV provides have been giving their customers more power over what channels they can have. Which translates to more savings and enjoyment for you!

In this post we will break down the channels offered in our satellite TV packages at POYNT360. Use this guide to help better understand what types of channels to choose from and what comes in your package. Get ready to have the best satellite TV experience and customer service with POYNT360.

Satellite TV Package Options

At POYNT360 we make it easy for you to get everything you need from your satellite TV package. That is why we offer four convenient satellite TV package options that make finding the right package for your budget and usage simple. Each package provides you with extensive channels options as well as the following valuable features:

  • HDPVR and HD Receiver for $0
  • Free basic installation on your first two receivers
  • Access to the Shaw BlueCurve TV app
  • No Multi-Receiver Fee
  • Assistance from our best in class customer service

These perks are included in all our satellite TV packages, no matter how big or small you go. See an outline of our package options below:

Extra Small

  • Provincial Channels
  • US Networks in HD
  • Sports in HD
  • Your choice of 5 speciality channels


  • Provincial Channels
  • US Networks in HD
  • Sports in HD
  • Your choice of 15 speciality channels


  • Provincial Channels
  • US Networks in HD
  • Sports in HD
  • Timeshift Channels
  • Your choice of 30 speciality channels

Total TV

  • Provincial Channels
  • US Networks in HD
  • Sports in HD
  • Timeshift Channels
  • Your choice of 80 speciality channels

What Included in Provincial Channels?

Our selection of provincial channels comes standard with every satellite TV package. Get the most out of your local news and entertainment with the following channels:

  • Citytv
  • The Weather Network HD
  • Global HD
  • CTV
  • TSC

See the POYNT360 Channel Guide for a full list of provincial channels included in your satellite TV package.

What US Networks are Included?

POYNT360’s satellite TV packages include some of your favourite US Networks as a standard feature. US Networks included are as follows:

  • FOX HD
  • abc HD
  • CBS HD
  • PBS HD
  • NBC HD

What Channels are on Satellite TV

What Sports are Included?

At POYNT360 we know you never want to miss a minute of your favourite sports programming. That is why we offer extensive sports options as part of your package. Check out our Channel Guide for a full list of sports channels including the following:

  • TSN
  • GOLF
  • NFL Network
  • OLN

What are My Speciality Channel Options?

We are proud to offer an extensive selection of speciality channels to suit your interests and household viewing needs. Our Channel Guide provides the most comprehensive list of what channels you have to choose from as part of your package.

A list of our popular speciality channel options includes:

  • HGTV
  • Food
  • TLC
  • National Geographic Channel
  • Discovery
  • Slice
  • Treehouse
  • CBC News
  • Show Case

With POYNT360 you have the power to choose exactly what you would like to have as part of your satellite TV subscription. There is no need to over-pay for channels you won’t ever use. Take advantage of our flexible satellite TV options today.

Why POYNT360?

Choosing the right satellite TV provider for your home doesn’t have to be difficult. At POYNT360 we go above and beyond to be the best satellite TV provider Ontario has to offer. We want your, our customer to find the perfect package for your needs while bring your extensive value.

We are known for our best in class customer service and always strive to put you, our customer, first. For even more value, take advantage of our bundle deals for internet, phone and TV. We make saving on your home telecommunications services easy.  Choose from our Single Play, Double Play or Triple Play bundles and make the most out of your satellite TV, home phone, and high-speed internet package today!