How to Get Local TV Without Cable or Satellite

When it comes to watching local television such as your local news or other local programming you can do so without having cable or satellite. Though it may not always be reliable and at times can still come with fees you have options outside of cable or satellite TV.

In this article, we will walk you through what you can do to watch some TV programming without having a cable or satellite TV subscription. Though you will be missing out on great features and variety that comes with cable or satellite TV, you can still get the basics that you need to stay in the know locally. See our tips below on how you can get local TV without satellite or cable.

Get a Digital Antenna

If you are a millennial or beyond there is a good chance you remember TV antennas that allowed you to watch local TV. Though these are in many ways a thing of the past, antennas are still an option for those who want to pick up over-the-air local TV programming. Digital antennas are a convenient indoor option that allows you to pick up local channels without having a huge antenna tower or other conspicuous antenna option.

Digital antennas hook up to your tv and can pick up programming in range of local broadcast towers. Digital antennas are not always reliable and will not work for everyone. Those who can have their antenna placed near a window may find success with using this method to obtain a signal. Digital antennas do not have any associated monthly cost and can be found for purchase online for approximately $60.

Watch Online

You may be able to find a website that offers small fees to stream local tv to your devices at home. Though some streaming options are illegal, there are some credible sources of online TV that are reliable. CBC Gem is a great option for anyone looking to access news and local TV. Though the selection of these services can be limited, they offer affordable options for anyone who is looking to save money while still having access to quality television.

YouTube is another option that allows you access to local news and national news highlights through the channels managed by the news or broadcasting outlet. This option may not offer full-length TV programming but is a great way to stay connected and have access to entertainment for free or lower costs than those associated with premium subscriptions.

What Other Options Do I Have For TV?

When it comes to watching TV without cable or satellite, streaming services are a popular option. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to streaming services all with different programming. It can feel as if you need to have them all to be able to watch everything you’d like to. Many people who pay for cable or satellite TV have subscriptions to streaming services too. There is no doubt that streaming services offer value, but in most cases, these services will not offer local programming and do not include simple access to local networks and news channels.

Why Should I Consider Satellite TV?

When it comes to having the best of popular news shows and local channels all in one place satellite TV cannot be beaten. Choosing satellite TV is a great option for anyone who enjoys watching current TV programming without having to search through endless streaming options or fuss around with unreliable antennas or free tv services. Satellite TV is affordable and reliable, especially when your bundle Satellite TV with other services like internet or home phone, making it a great choice for anyone. At POYNT360, we offer a variety of package options to ensure that you get all the channels you want at a price you can feel good about.

Don’t miss out on live sports, popular shows or local news. Choose from one of our great satellite TV plans for unbeatable value. Contact us today for more assistance with getting started. With no long-term commitments, we are your best bet to get all the TV programming you need at an affordable price.