How Satellite TV Works

At POYNT360 we are proud to offer HD satellite TV to our customers. We believe it is an great way to experience TV. Though satellite TV technology has been in use for quite some time, many people have no idea how it works. If you have been curious about how satellite TV works then we have answers for you. This article will detail how the satellite TV you love to watch gets to you.

What Is a Satellite?

If you’re under the impression that a satellite is a piece of metal floating around in the sky you’re only partially correct. According to NASA satellites are objects that orbit a planet such as moons, other planet or machines.

The satellites we think of when talking about satellite TV are man made and put into space to orbit the earth. These satellites both send and receive information. Satellites are used for much more than just TV and their uses include both phone service and research.

How Does the TV Programming Get to Me?

It can be hard to fathom how the information sent to satellites in space gets back to us. It seems even more remarkable when we consider that the TV we watch comes to us in vivid and high quality picture. But how does it all happen?

  • Programming sources provide content – the first step in getting satellite TV into are living rooms comes from the programming sources. Our favourite TV channels like TSN, The Food Network, or HBO are all programming sources. They collect and distribute the content we want to see.
  • The programming is broadcasted – a broadcast centre takes the programming collected by the programming source and sends the information to the satellites in orbit.
  • The satellite gets the content – after a signal (our favourite TV content) has been sent to a satellite, that satellite is then able to rebroadcast it back to Earth on a large scale.
  • Your Satellite Dish finds the signal – the satellite dish on your home is capable of picking up the message sent to Earth. It then transmits it to the receiver in your home.
  • You watch TV – Now that the signal has been sent to your satellite dish and subsequently the receiver in your home, you are able to watch TV.

Why Choose Satellite TV

The process of satellite TV making its way to your TV seems complicated. While there is a lot of technology involved in getting your satellite TV to your living room the process is quite efficient. Unlike streaming content online your satellite TV is available to you at the touch of a button.
Though there are times when satellite TV service can be disrupted, such as during a server storm, satellite TV is reliable. It is also idea for people who live in remote areas where cable TV may not be available.

Satellite TV is an affordable way to get great TV content into your home. Contact POYNT360 today to find out how you can get the best satellite TV in your home for the best price.