Can You Get Netflix with Satellite TV

If you are on the hunt for a TV programming solution that gives you the best of everything you may be wondering, can you get Netflix with a satellite TV subscription or through a satellite TV bundle offer? Though there is nothing stopping you from having both a Netflix subscription as well as satellite TV services, you likely won’t find a service provider covering your Netflix fees or including the service as part of their satellite TV package. But, some service providers may have an option for you to link your Netflix account through their streaming app services and may even allow you to consolidate your bill all in one place.

Netflix is an independent company that offers streaming services for a wide variety of shows, movies, documentaries and other TV programming. Satellite TV on the other hand, uses satellite technology to broadcast live TV as well as other network TV programing. These are two distinctly different services that both come with their own pros and cons. In this article, we will help you understand the differences between these services and help you find the right solution to ensure you never miss out on the TV programming you love.

How Can I Combine Netflix and Satellite Services?

Netflix makes a great companion to satellite TV services, but it isn’t quite a replacement for live TV programming including news and live sports. Many people choose to have both a satellite TV subscription as well as a Netflix subscription as it offers a wide variety of viewing options and ensures that you never miss out on the TV programming you desire.

If you are new to the world of TV streaming it can undoubtedly feel overwhelming. Below are some options to help you understand how to utilize Netflix and other streaming services to complement the satellite TV programming that you already know and love.

Use an App on Your Smart TV

If you have a smart TV you’ll want to utilize the app provided by your satellite TV provider to help you navigate your TV programming all in one place. For example, Shaw provides its satellite TV customers with access to the BlueCurve TV app allowing you to watch live TV anywhere and stream it to your TV. You can integrate Netflix into your BlueCurve TV app by singing in or subscribing to Netflix on the app.

By doing this, you can see both your satellite TV streaming options and Netflix programming all in one place. This eliminates the need to use multiple devices and remotes to find exactly the programming you are looking for. For more information on using this option see Shaw’s about Netflix on BlueCurve TV article. As a POYNT360 satellite TV subscriber, you gain access to BlueCurve TV and its convenient option to watch Netflix from the app.

Get a Streaming Stick

If you don’t have a smart TV or would simply rather keep your Netflix and satellite TV experiences separate, you may find a streaming stick to be the perfect option for you. Options such as Roku, Apple TV, Firestick and Chromecast can be used to access services like Netflix, Crave, and Disney+ making it the perfect option for someone who wants all their streaming options in one place. This makes it simple to have a remote for your satellite TV programming and an app or remote to access your streaming services.

Streaming services are popular for their ability to give you the exact programming you want whenever you want it. Additionally, many streaming services offer exclusive programming that can only be watched through their service. Many people choose to combine the convenience of satellite TV or live TV with the abundance of options available through streaming services.

POYNT360 and Shaw Satellite TV make it easy for you to watch whatever you want, whenever you want it with BlueCurve TV. Learn more about satellite TV packages and find your perfect option to ensure you never miss a moment of the live TV and TV streaming services you love.