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Are you looking to get more value from your home phone service provider? If you’re tired of getting the basics and want more services in one convenient bundle then you need POYNT360. Discover why our customers love our simple and convenient home telephone bundle and get superior value. POYNT360 is your first choice home phone service provider in Sarnia, Ontario. Get the best value and service and never miss a call from either side of the Bluewater Bridge. Our stand out Triple Play bundles gives you everything you need to keep your home connected. Learn more about POYNT360 and get the best home phone, unlimited high speed internet, and satellite TV today!

Plans & Pricing

Unlimited Calls Within Canada

Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail

Move Your Existing Phone Number

Canada & US
Best Offer

Unlimited Calls Within Canada & USA

Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail

Move Your Existing Phone Number

$10 home phone number porting fee

Why Choose POYNT360?

Choosing POYNT360 as your trusted home phone service provider ensures that you not only get outstanding services but also incredible customer service. We go above and beyond to give our customers the best value and the best experience. You won’t get let down by extra charges. We also don’t lock you down with lengthy contracts. POYNT360 gives you so much more than the average home phone service provider.

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Convenient Bundles

Don’t get let down by service providers that don’t give you great value. At POYNT360 we have the best bundle to take care of all your home telephone and home connectivity needs. Get the best home phone along with unlimited high speed internet and quality Shaw Direct satellite TV. We know you need the most reliable service and best customer experience with our Triple Play bundle that’s exactly what you get!

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Home Phone Frequently Asked Questions

Which Plan is Best for Occasional Use?

Do you use your home phone on a more occasional basis? A POYNT360, we keep our home phones affordable and accessible. Choose from our Canada or Canada & US plan and find the plan that is best suited to keeping you connected to those you love

Are Calls Really Unlimited?

When you choose POYNT360 for your home phone services, you can look forward to unlimited calling within Canada or within Canada and the USA. We have plan options designed to suit your needs and save you money, all while keeping you connected.

Can I Keep My Current Phone Number?

Home phone numbers are often long-standing and are numbers you might not want to change. At POYNT360, we make it simple to keep your existing home phone number. Let us take care of the details while you enjoy better home phone services.

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