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Is your current home phone service provider not giving you the service you’re looking for? Are you in need of a better bundle to take care of all of your home connectivity needs? Discover POYNT360 and get a home phone line and so much more. At POYNT360 we are your first choice for home phone. With our stand out Triple Play Bundle we provide the best home phone services while also taking care of you satellite TV and high speed internet needs. Chatham has was founded well before the invention of the telephone and we think that those that live there deserve the best home phone experience! Contact us and make the switch to POYNT360.

Plans & Pricing

Unlimited Calls Within Canada

Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail

Move Your Existing Phone Number

Canada & US
Best Offer

Unlimited Calls Within Canada & USA

Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail

Move Your Existing Phone Number

$10 home phone number porting fee

Why Choose POYNT360?

We give you the home phone line services you need while also providing you with best in class customer service. At POYNT360 we are known for our excellent customer service and strive to keep you, our valued customer, happy. W have the best bundle for your home and, you won’t sign a restrictive contact. Choose POYNT as your trusted home phone service provider and you won’t regret it.

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Convenient Bundles

You need a home phone but you also want the best that satellite tv and high speed internet has to offer. With POYNT360 you get everything you want and need at the best prices. Don’t waste your time with other providers who tie you down. Get flexible coverage with us.
Our home phone Triple Play bundle allows you to get the best of all our high quality services. Get one month of free TV and two PPV movies for eligible customers.

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Home Phone Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Call Unlimited in the US?

When you have to make calls to the US regularly, you’ll want to ensure you have access to unlimited calling. Our Canada & US home phone package helps you gain the best value from your home phone services by allowing you to be limitless with your calling.

Does Bundling Save Me More?

Having home phone services is a great idea and can even help you save more money on your other home telecommunications services. Our Double Play and Triple Play bundles are designed to help you save more by combining your home phone with satellite tv and high-speed internet, bringing you the best value.

Can I Keep My Existing Number?

If you’ve had the same home phone number for years, you won’t want to have to make a change. We make changing your home phone service provider easier by allowing you to bring your current number with you. Don’t worry about updating your information with all your loved ones, they can keep calling you at the number they always have.

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